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Carta de la semana: Edición extra nº1 / Maria [6-057L]
Carta de la semana: Yuna [6-124L]
Análisis Set de Inicio Final Fantasy XIV 2018
Análisis Set de Inicio Final Fantasy XIII 2018
Análisis Set de Inicio Final Fantasy XII 2018
Carta de la semana: Vaan [5-145L]
Opus V Spoiler: Carla [5-006R]
Carta de Marzo y cambios en los Kits de Torneo.
Carta de la semana: 22 / Refia [5-141H]
Hey everyone! As promised, Opus V previews start this week, and we’re starting with one of my favorite cards of the entire set, Refia ! Refia is one of the four main characters from the FINAL FANTASY III remake in which the generic Onion Knight children are given distinct... Leer más
Carta de la semana: 21 / Valefor [1-198S]
Hey everyone! For this week’s Card of the Week, I wanted to talk about a Summon that has been my absolute favorite Summon ever since I first started playing FFTCG, Valefor . I love this card so much that I brought it up during my interview to join the... Leer más