Final Fantasy TCG
Carta de la semana: 22 / Refia [5-141H]
Hey everyone! As promised, Opus V previews start this week, and we’re starting with one of my favorite cards of the entire set, Refia ! Refia is one of the four main characters from the FINAL FANTASY III remake in which the generic Onion Knight children are given distinct... Leer más
Carta de la semana: 21 / Valefor [1-198S]
Hey everyone! For this week’s Card of the Week, I wanted to talk about a Summon that has been my absolute favorite Summon ever since I first started playing FFTCG, Valefor . I love this card so much that I brought it up during my interview to join the... Leer más
Carta de la semana: 20 / Vanille [1-093H]
Vanille is one Forward that I really enjoyed early on, but I couldn’t seem to find a place for it in most decks. As the meta changed, I moved away from trying to find a way to make this character work. However, recent shifts in the meta, along with... Leer más
Carta de la semana: 19 / Shadow [4-015H]
Hi everyone! We’re back with the first Card of the Week of 2018! This week’s card is one of the biggest threats of Opus IV, and one of my personal favorite cards to play with in this set. This card can turn any other card in your deck into... Leer más